I wish I could press a button and….

We call get frustrated wasting valuable time doing things over and over and over when our time could be better spent working in our genius zone.  You know there are probably some great tools out there but who has time to research them, find them and test them to see if they actually work.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone hadn’t you a buffet of tried and tested apps and said: “Here are a choice of great tools to help you save time and be more organised”.

People are always asking me for my top list of tools and apps that make life easier.

Often I don’t know what challenges my clients have until they lament their problems to me.  I’ll mention an app I’m using in conversation and people will say “Oh I could really use that, what’s it called?” It’s like going shopping for one thing and discovering 3 other products that are amazingly good value. But don’t worry, nearly all these apps are FREE.

(Oh, and there’s more than 25 in there too!)

Discover some sanity-saving strategies for:

  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Increasing your blog’s reach
  • Managing files and data
  • Organising the family.
  • Automating your work
  • Creating awesome content
  • (like videos)

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