This is my go-to list of incredible time-saving apps I like to use or recommend. People often ask me to recommend apps that will help them to stay organised, professional, and sane. Here are 25+ incredible apps for you to enjoy and to make your life easier.

Simply click on the name of the App to be taken to the website.

I am always on the lookout for time-saving useful apps, so if you have any to recommend, please share. I’d love to see them.


(Yes that’s how it’s spelt). This tool is like a stopwatch that you can stop and start throughout the day. You can identify which Project you’ve been working on, and even specify a specific task you’ve been working on. You can assign the project to different clients too. Running reports for projects, clients or work for the day, week or month are very easy. Times can be manually changed and it synchronises with a phone app too.


The free version allows you to synchronise between two platforms, phone and desktop. You can create numerous “notes” within notebooks, which can be formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” note. Notes can also have file attachments.


A Dropbox Basic account is free and includes 2 GB of cloud storage space. You can download apps to access Dropbox from your computer and mobile device and can earn more storage space the more you share with others.


Google has a heap of free useful resources, but google forms is a gem. It does a lot of what survey monkey can do but for free. It can also easily be embedded into your website.


This is an awesome free alternative to Click Funnels.  Not only that, it has a whole suite of other really cool systems you can access such as shops (think shopify), Groove Mail (think Mailchimp) etc.  All for free!


You can become a graphic designing wiz. Use their custom templates to easily create Facebook headers, memes, posters, logos and more without spending hours getting the dimensions or style right.


I can’t believe this is free! This site gives you access to a global library of beautiful images that you can use for free. This is my first stop for any graphics work I need to do.


If you rely on the grammar check in Word, then you’ll love this. It’s an app linked to your web browser and will grammar check any text you enter into web-based platforms such as Facebook or online forms.


If you are tempted by those carrot dangling opt-ins but not sure you want to commit to this long-term email relationship, Unroll.me is for you. Unroll.me is the easiest way to manage your inbox. It will easily assist you to unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions, discover new ones and organize them all in one email, so you can quickly review what you want to read or not. Your inbox doesn’t get bogged down with too many email subscriptions. Just one email, with a summary of the whole lot!


Yes, that is how it is spelled. It’s not a typo. If you are a blog writer, this app is for you. It will scan your blog site and create custom social media campaigns for you. It grabs quotes from your blog, turns them into beautiful quote images and attaches a quote from your blog with recommended hashtags. It will then create a campaign to run over 12 months. The free account only allows 1 campaign per month, 1 social profile with their branding on it. I think this is one time-saving service well worth paying for.


Organise your family with one calendar. If you find it challenging to stay on top of family commitments and synchronise events and activities, this app is for you.


An automated system that enables to create and send your own personalised greeting cards without leaving your desk. You can create long running campaigns and even send gifts with your cards. The cards are good quality and much cheaper than store bought cards.


This brilliant tool is great for anyone who exchanges their time for money. It allows your customers to book your time online. They system will synchronise with your calendar to ensure that customers only have access to your available time. You can also set it up so that people pay in advance for your service and time. It creates reminder emails for your clients and much more.


aTest allows you to save blocks of text as code in apps within your browser and on your desktop. Think of it like autocorrect but 10 times more powerful. It’s completely free. It’s a text template, text shortcut, text macro, text automation, text expansion tool.

Quite simply, it accelerates your typing in any application by replacing abbreviations with frequently used phrases you define.


Steam your live videos to your Facebook profile group or groups, LinkedIn and Youtube all at the same time!


My favourite video tool. It turns your blogs into short, sweet videos in about 5 minutes accessing free images and music while also having your branding all over it.


Of all the social media management tools, this one is my favourite. The free system allows you to have 1 social account per network and up to 10 scheduled posts per month. It’s great for planning your posts for events.


This member site is free. If you’re a blogger, this is a way for you to share your blog with others. The idea being you share your blog and their blog on your social networks and they share yours. It’s a great way to get good content for your social media, to stay abreast of industry chatter and get ideas for your own blogs.


One of my favourite CRMs and it’s free. If you’re not sure what a CRM is or how to use it, this is the best place to start because it won’t cost you anything.


You can create your own journals. It will prompt you to enter something into your journal each day. You can search entries and also download entries. Great for wedding journals, birth journals, dream journals and gratitude lists.


This one is super handy. If you failed in maths in high school, like me, you’ll be super glad you have this.
This handy little tool will enable you to instantly calculate, what is xx% of xx? or xx is what percent of xx? or What is the percentage increase/decrease from xx to xx? So handy!


For answers about where to work, live and invest. A free web tool that allows you to plug in and assign a weighted percentage to your priorities, such as holiday time, pay and office environment. A quick analysis of the number and the choice is made.


This app allows you take a bit of real estate on other people’s blogs. It puts a little branded banner at the bottom of the blog page inviting people to click through to your page.


There are cheaper options out there but none quite like this. You can actually create your own app! You can do drip feed courses and have group chats.  Lots to this online course creation software. 


A free streaming service for music. You can create your own playlists and share them with others. All for free. If you want to enjoy Spotify offline, then you pay a monthly fee. Here are my playlists: 

Awesome Playlists


A beautiful automated tool that enables you to capture the emails and data from Facebook Group opt-in questions to enter into your database.


Online service to transcribe your audio at $1US per minute.


Stuck for blog ideas? This is the bomb! Use this tool to see what people are searching for around a specific topic.

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