7 Positive Affirmations to say each day

​The best friend you will ever have is your own self. When faced with difficult situations, it’s valuable to ask “What advice would I give a friend who was going through the same experience as me?” Often, when I lament to my mother, she’ll say to me “And what would you say to a client who said the same thing to you?”. It’s often the only way I can take my own advice!

It can be challenging to consciously and mindfully change the words we speak to ourselves each day. It’s easy to judge ourselves, to feel guilty and place the “Shoulds” on ourselves. [hyperlink to Judy’s video Thou Should not Should on Thyself”

You can make a significant different to your day when you can change the words you say and think to yourself – to speak with greater awareness and kindness.

Here are a few to get you started.

Dr Judy Hinwood quote of affirmation

1. ‘Dare to Dream’.

To live a wholehearted life, it is essential to believe in yourself and embrace your authenticity. Allow yourself to envision a world where anything and everything is possible, and where your deepest desires can be realized. When you dare to believe in your dreams, you cultivate a powerful sense of self-worth that can transform your life. Remember, no one can diminish your belief in your ability to succeed and create the life you truly want. Cultivate trust in yourself and in the universe, and you will discover that your dreams can indeed come to fruition.

2. ‘People do the best they can with who they are and what they know, in every moment, so judgement is out of the question – and that includes of myself’.

This was one that Dr Judy Hinwood found particularly powerful during her cancer recovery period. She said;
“I used this as an affirmation for years to recondition my habits of thought and speech, to avoid language that would drain my energy and leave me demoralised and potentially ill again. And I still watch myself all these years later – it seems easy to slide backwards because there is so much negativity around us to join in with, the TV and radio news with their appetite for instant drama and disaster.”
Whether it’s a big or a small accomplishment, remember that you are giving your all to create the life you desire. Success is not an instant phenomenon, but a continuous journey of taking small steps towards your goals. Let us remind ourselves each day that we are doing the best we can, learning from our mistakes and growing stronger. And even on days when we stumble, let’s appreciate ourselves for trying and making progress, one small step at a time.
Difference between purpose and destiny

3. I love myself for who I am

As you gaze into the mirror, take a moment to pause and look deeply into your eyes. With tenderness and compassion, whisper to yourself, “I love you”. Embrace all the beautiful imperfections that make you uniquely you, for they are what shape your true self.
To love and honor others, we must first extend that same love and honor to ourselves. When we learn to accept and cherish who we truly are, our hearts open to receive even greater love and appreciation from those around us. Remember, it all begins with you. Each day, let us choose to love ourselves wholly and completely, exactly as we are.

4. I am in charge of my own happiness

no one can transform you into a more joyful and contented being. It is solely up to you to cultivate your own happiness. Placing expectations on external sources to bring you fulfillment will only lead to disappointment and frustration.
Embrace the empowering realization that you already hold within you all the love, happiness, and satisfaction that you have longed for. It is your responsibility to nurture these feelings within yourself and to take ownership of your emotions each day. By doing so, you become the master of your own emotional wellbeing and pave the way towards a truly fulfilling life.

5. I am responsible for my own life.

There are actions and there are consequences. Just as you must claim ownership of your own happiness, you must also acknowledge that you are fully accountable for your actions.
When we indulge in the habit of complaining about our circumstances or those around us, we inflict harm upon ourselves. It is crucial to recognize that no one but ourselves can be held responsible for the life we are living. We must acknowledge that our thoughts and actions shape every single day, and that we hold the power to create our own reality.
By taking responsibility for our thoughts and daily choices, we can actively
craft a life that aligns with our deepest desires and values. So, dear friend, let us embrace this truth and empower ourselves to live a life that truly resonates with our hearts.
Positive Attitude

6. Expect a miracle

The best is yet to come.
Even on days that fall short of our expectations, let us hold steadfast to the conviction that tomorrow will bring new opportunities and blessings.
When we embrace this belief with openness and optimism, we begin to manifest more positivity and abundance into our lives. Our thoughts and emotions serve as a magnet, drawing towards us the experiences that align with our deepest beliefs and desires.
Let us hold tightly to the faith that brighter days lie ahead. Let us cultivate a mindset of hope, gratitude, and miracles, and allow the universe to guide us towards the joy and fulfillment that we truly deserve.

7. I am grateful for every day

While we may not always have control over the circumstances that come our way, we do hold the power to choose our attitude towards them.
Let us choose to appreciate each day, regardless of the twists and turns it may bring. By finding gratitude in the little joys and blessings that come our way, we shift our focus towards the positive and uplift our spirits.
Research has shown that when we adopt a daily habit of gratitude, we reduce our cortisol by 27%.
Let us be thankful that we are alive and healthy, with the ability to pursue the things we love each day. This in itself is a miracle that we should never take for granted.
Cultivate a heart of gratitude and embrace each day with open arms. May we find joy and fulfillment in even the simplest moments, and cherish the gift of life that we have been given.

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