Introducing Barbara Clifford – The Time Tamer

Barbara is affectionally known as The Time Tamer.

Barbara Clifford is our lead trainer and coach in Time Management and a recognised leader in Stress Management. 

She has been a featured columnist for a Murdoch newspaper and is in demand as a Speaker and Facilitator.

Barbara hit a turning point when she decided to abandon her successful career in the film & television industry after 20 years. Her career success started at the age of 13 as a host for a children’s television program. Yet, she reached a point where she realized her career had been built on a desire to prove to everyone that she was worthy of their love, respect and adulation when deep down she devalued herself.

It was only after many years of personal development Barbara was able to find her self-worth. Yet she meandered through life, finding work based on her skills, not her passion or purpose.

It wasn’t until her coach suggested building a business around what she valued most, that it challenged her to find out what her ‘true’ value was. After using a professional resource to test this, she was dumbfounded to discover her highest value was “organising’! Yet when she looked back on her career it made sense.

The skill, talent, passion, gift she held, she took for granted, was something she was exceptionally good at.

She realised creating order out of chaos; to make sense of things.

It all made sense. With the support of and mentorship of highly successful entrepreneurs, Barbara launched her business.

Barbara was encouraged by the overwhelming response from people who wanted to transform their lives, to be released from chaos, overwhelm and a lack of clarity in their busy working lives. Stress was a major factor in most people’s lives, so Barbara completed a Certificate in Stress Management Practitioner.

She pursued every opportunity to master time management & minimise stress.

Barbara Clifford now helps business leaders to take control. Being in control of your business, leadership, communication, time management and stress management.

She has become the #1 resource to help people to unclutter mess, make order from chaos and swap the shackles of overwhelm for freedom.

She now speaks around Australia (and internationally) on topics such as stress, time management, communication, mindset, leadership and assertiveness (to name a few).

Barbara has partnered with the Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce, the Business Enterprise Centre, Charles Darwin University and Federally funded programs through the Australian Small Business Advisory Service, to deliver empowering professional development and facilitated training.

She coaches people globally.

Assisting clients to use the extensive range of Hinwood Institute training, tools and coaching services, clients move from the relentless hamster wheel of stress, to waking inspired, motivated, making decisions with purpose, and achieving peak performance.

Time Tamer Testimonials

I have been working with Barbara on a fairly regular basis for about two years. I sought help as I was not able to determine if my inability to achieve all I needed to at work was because the requirements of the role were too large or I did not have the required skills.  Not only has Barbara has helped me to improve my efficiency she has supported me to identify and articulate the significant requirements of role and what is needed to achieve them. Whilst Barbara provides many tools and practical solutions, she does not direct but rather guides you to determine what will best work for you and your situation. The process for dealing with emails almost changed my life….. well my work life anyway! Sessions with Barbara were flexible, and we have often had to abandon previous plans to deal with a particular issue or even postpone the sessions at times. Barbara has the incredible skill of conducting sessions in a very professional and objective way but with a personal approach which made all sessions productive, motivating and enjoyable. I highly recommend Barbara as a coach and thank her for the support and guidance over the last two years.

Thanks so much.


Sometimes you do not really know you need help until you actually get it, and so many things come back into focus. That is how I can best describe my experience working with Barbara Clifford, The Time Tamer.
I got in touch with Barbara not because I felt I did not have enough time to achieve what I wanted in my business, but to see if there is was help working out what I actually wanted to do. I thought I was a classic procrastinator and did not need help with my time.
Turns out I did need the help and did learn to be ok with saying no.
Barbara helped me slow down, sort my priorities, and set goals for my business, and real-life goals for myself. Turning the spotlight on myself was really hard because I love to help other people, but we got through the fog and I have a clearer idea of what I want to do, and where I am going.
The 12-month program was flexible and full of non-judgemental support and direction. Barbara provided me regular opportunities to talk, tackle difficult elements of my business, along with introducing me to a range of digital tools. Most importantly I am much more confident about my systems and the services I offer to clients, and my professional development. So yes, without hesitation I would definitely recommend having a chat with Barbara!


We were delighted to engage Barbara Clifford, the Time Tamer, to facilitate some Time and Stress Management sessions to our 60 staff members at a recent conference in Western Australia.

Barbara was a dream to work with right from the initial online request. Barbara replied promptly and was open to some initial video conference discussions to talk through our conference needs and customise some short, sharp time management sessions to hit the mark with our attendees.

The booking process was seamless. We were so grateful to Barbara for travelling interstate on some less-than-ideal flight times to make sure she could fit in with our conference schedule and agenda.

Barbara’s Time Management sessions were engaging, dynamic and on point. Her energy lifts the room. Every attendee walked away with renewed understanding of their individual time pressures, as well as some practical strategies to manage their time and stress.

With gratitude 🙏
Thank you, Barbara.


Assistant Manager, My Place, WA

I commenced working with Barbara approximately 12 months ago. At that time, I was juggling a number of projects with numerous variables within each project. Each project had a defined timeline, with the outcomes attached to funding. I was extremely stressed. I was feeling increasingly overwhelmed and disappointed with my own skills and my inability to effectively solve problems in an efficient and timely manner. I needed to change my negative thinking around these tasks and become willing to change the way I approached them.

During this time Barbara has been an unwavering ‘rock’ of support and guidance. Barbara’s coaching knowledge and her personal ‘skill set’ and approach, which I believe, has accelerated my learning and skill development. When I commenced working with Barbara, I had hundreds of emails, and I did not know where to start. I didn’t know how to ‘prioritise’ my tasks. Additionally, I did not have a system to track and monitor my tasks. I believe that Barbara has saved me anywhere from 8 – 12 hours per week.

Barbara has assisted me significantly by setting up ‘Systems’. Prioritising was a difficult principle to apply as I had such a backlog of tasks to complete. Many of these systems have been ‘automatically’ implemented, others have been simplified. This has reduced my work and personal stress levels significantly. With these systems in place, I feel as though I have an increased level of appreciation of both myself and my skills. My self-confidence has increased significantly, as I now have a monitoring system, which provides evidence, to my Team Leader the exact status of my workload/s and time frames for tasks. Additionally, this is a great communication tool for both myself and colleagues It is a delight working with Barbara, her level of professionalism, her personal qualities and abilities to support me and meet my needs during the journey of our time working together have been unwavering. I encourage other’s (who maybe also be floundering and frustrated, as I was) to undertake a journey of
personal and professional development with her, as I feel that it would be extremely beneficial to others. I have every confidence that others would not be disappointed.


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