Executive Wellbeing

Thank you Michael,

I had some issues I have not had the courage to tell anyone about. It felt great to release them, I’m feeling much lighter in my stomach



I had a session with Michael to help me with a problem I’ve had for many years.  The thing is that this problem was created by my own thinking, not by anyone else, it was in my head.

After we finished I felt free, relaxed and could breathe again.

Thank you, Michael, and thank you Atmanjai!

We will definitely be back 3 or 4 more times.

We love you!



Michael Massey is a warm, caring and professional man who shows a genuine interest in a person’s health and wellbeing at all times.

I spent over an hour with Michael in a session called NLT, and got some very positive emotional and intellectual shifts that have been holding me back in my life for the past year or more.  It’s easy to look within and think “I need to change…yes, I will change…. I know I can do it”, but ‘doing it’ isn’t always as simple as our internal works might suggests. Michael listened to me intently; he showed and demonstrated his true ability to guide me to where I wanted and needed to go for so long.  At the end of the session he even suggested and action plan to make the session ‘thinking and felling’ even more ‘implementable’ and ‘achievable’.  You’re great Michael. I love you.


Tapping is like cleaning out the cupboards of your mind and finding tome things hanging around the back that you realise had no longer need or want. Even just localising the emotions and vocalising how you feel is healing.  Add to this, the compassion, clarity and love  that Michael shows  to you during t he process, then I couldn’t hep but feel grateful that he’d helped me dig around in the recesses of my mind and body to send od ‘stuff’ packing.

Michael is a special man with a lot of lovely, kind, clear energy.  His guidance through detox and NFT is intuitive and I’m glad I am here now and experienced this.

Thank you, Namaste



I had a good session with Michael during my detox.  I was detoxing physically but needed a push/assistance to open up emotionally.  During the session I was able to begin to let go of some emotion to assist the detox of my mind, body and spirit.  I look forward to continuing to do this work throughout life.

Thank you for a great experience.


I had an amazing session with Michael.  Going into it with no expectations, the result I had was incredible.  In a very caring and relayed manner, Michael was able to very quickly allow me to find an issue that unconsciously had been affecting me for over 40 years.

Powerful emotions erupted to the surface for me and Michael then guided me through several tapping processes.  Each had instantaneous results, finally leaving me feeling strong, confident and happy.

Given I had an underlying blockage for so many years, it feels so good to have a clear head and now total contentment.

Michael’s manner, knowledge and caring nature give me cause to recommend his services to the utmost.  He will assist you to allow yourself to find happiness. Thank you.



Thank you Michael for taking the time to help me on my journey to emotional freedom.

The session I had with you was not only extremely beneficial but inspiring.

I will be sure to continue with the steps and tools you have provided me with and will always be grateful to you and the Atmanjai for opening the door to my healing process. I’m feeling great.

Thank you for everything!!!



Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish….

WE accumulate so much in our body, and I am not talking about food here.

My mind was loaded with stressful events in my life since my childhood.

I am a therapist and I thought by working regularly on myself that I was getting it out but when started the detox, I felt that I had more to clean. I became emotional, my shoulder were tense after a car accident.

I had a session with Michael, and I was able to free my head and body from the emotions, bad memories stored in my body.  Then I attended a Zumba class, started moving my arms and started crying.  I was letting it all out.

I decided not have a second session and now I can say that my heart is really happy.

I feel light.

I want to fly….

Thank you, Michael, for being such an attentive, caring person.

The rubbish is out.

The detox is over today, and I am ready to enjoy my life to the full.

Thank you.



Stress Management

I started having stress and time management coaching sessions with Barbara after I had become unhappy and stressed as a stay-at-home single parent and had spent two years trying to start self-employment opportunities without success. Barbara helped me develop a vision statement, feel more confident about myself and my abilities and provided me with useful goal setting techniques, useful websites for managing time and meditations to find more calm. Thanks to Barbara my decisions are more focused and align with my vision statement, I am meditating regularly and I am confident in my abilities to re-enter the workforce again.


Ah, yes… Work/life balance. Before meeting Barbara, I thought is was a ‘mythical unicorn’. I am a mum of two, have 2 small businesses, help run a networking group, help with P&C, I go to about 10-15 networking events every month and somewhere in there, I’m a wife. As you can imagine, I didn’t have a lot of time, was getting snappy at the ones I love and was starting to burn out. Like a superhero, I summoned Barbara to the rescue (I think she needs a cape). Barbara was able to assess my workload and my workspace. She has helped me put systems and tools in place both physically, digitally, mentally and emotionally. I now have ‘me time’ and ‘kids play time’ scheduled into my calendar. It’s as important as any other appointment. I’m able to prioritise and focus on one job at a time and curb procrastination this increased my efficiency and it even feels like my workload has decreased along with my stress.

My husband and family have seen the positive difference both at work and home and other business people; mums are in awe of what I can achieve in a day and they all want to know how. I always have Barbara’s card on hand to show them that they can fit more into their day too. Thank you Barbara.


I feel good about making sure I laugh every day from now on, no matter what.


Alice Springs, NT

It seems so simple but the power of the mind can make a huge difference turning a potential negative situation into a positive.


Alice Springs, NT

Thank you for your wise guidance, encouragement, advice and help. I was knocked flat but you enabled me to stand up, work things out and take back control. You gave me courage to step out of my comfort zone, to dare to dream, to do something different, to take the risk and do what I wanted to do, not just what I felt I had to do. I know that if I fall over, you are there to encourage me to pick myself up, work through it and keep going.  You have made a huge wonderful difference to my life and because of you I am more confident and in control. Thank you so very, very much.


Alice Springs, NT

Time Management

I am often asked for references [or testimonials] and rarely give them. In the case of Barbara Clifford I am more than willing to provide an insight into someone who has worked for me and with me for many years and that I truly respect. Barbara’s passion for productivity is inspiring. Her appetite for innovation meant that Barbara was able to recommend small, simple methods of business activity that made a great difference to our working environment. Her mature approach gave me the freedom to adapt or reject ideas with ease.

A skilled negotiator, Barbara was often able to manage important projects, giving me the freedom to spend time in my business, knowing she had the job at hand. Barbara is an adaptable thinker and by no means rigid in her approach. I was able to work with Barbara, often with tight deadlines, on a variety of projects until I felt comfortable with the outcomes.

Barbara’s varied experience means she is a great asset to any organisation and a natural educator. I cannot be any clearer than to say, Barb is a great asset to have on any team.


Director, IQ Business Services & Solutions Pty Ltd

I commenced working with Barbara approximately 12 months ago. At that time, I was juggling a number of projects with numerous variables within each project. Each project had a defined timeline, with the outcomes attached to funding. I was extremely stressed. I was feeling increasingly overwhelmed and disappointed with my own skills and my inability to effectively solve problems in an efficient and timely manner. I needed to change my negative thinking around these tasks and become willing to change the way I approached them.

During this time Barbara has been an unwavering ‘rock’ of support and guidance. Barbara’s coaching knowledge and her personal ‘skill set’ and approach, which I believe, has accelerated my learning and skill development. When I commenced working with Barbara, I had hundreds of emails, and I did not know where to start. I didn’t know how to ‘prioritise’ my tasks. Additionally, I did not have a system to track and monitor my tasks. I believe that Barbara has saved me anywhere from 8 – 12 hours per week.

Barbara has assisted me significantly by setting up ‘Systems’. Prioritising was a difficult principle to apply as I had such a backlog of tasks to complete. Many of these systems have been ‘automatically’ implemented, others have been simplified. This has reduced my work and personal stress levels significantly. With these systems in place, I feel as though I have an increased level of appreciation of both myself and my skills. My self-confidence has increased significantly, as I now have a monitoring system, which provides evidence, to my Team Leader the exact status of my workload/s and time frames for tasks. Additionally, this is a great communication tool for both myself and colleagues It is a delight working with Barbara, her level of professionalism, her personal qualities and abilities to support me and meet my needs during the journey of our time working together have been unwavering. I encourage other’s (who maybe also be floundering and frustrated, as I was) to undertake a journey of
personal and professional development with her, as I feel that it would be extremely beneficial to others. I have every confidence that others would not be disappointed.


Barbara Clifford has worked with the Stress Management Institute on special projects to assist us to improve our systems and process. Her ability to fine tune the simple things makes a world of difference, but most importantly, enables us to feel confident that we are operating effectively and efficiently.

Barbara’s strong command of communication allows us to quickly understand and embrace new concepts, yet Barbara is also able to clearly understand our complex needs, finding solutions that bring out the best in our organisation.

We entrust Barbara with key responsibilities knowing that she is highly proficient at prioritizing and organising. Her versatility and ability to adapt to constant change and interruption that is common place in business today ensure that our team feels well supported and secure as the Institute’s activities  continually grow.


Managing Director, Stress Management Institute

I would like to personally thank you from both Yvonne and myself for allowing us your time to re-find a suitable starting point to build our business.

The tools, tricks and tips you gave us has literally changed our perception and enabled us to re-evaluate, devise and develop a sound business strategy to launch a unique product to the market.

Whilst still in its infancy I firmly believe that our business will be bigger than Ben Hur within the next 6 months due in part to your simple and practical philosophies.

Many thanks again for your genuine assistance and networking opportunities.


Safety Training Consultants

Sometimes you do not really know you need help until you actually get it, and so many things come back into focus. That is how I can best describe my experience working with Barbara Clifford, The Time Tamer.

I got in touch with Barbara not because I felt I did not have enough time to achieve what I wanted in my business, but to see if there was help in working out what I actually wanted to do. I thought I was a classic procrastinator and did not need help with my time.

Turns out I did need the help and did learn to be ok with saying no.
Barbara helped me slow down, sort my priorities, and set goals for my business, and real-life goals for myself. Turning the spotlight on myself was really hard because I love to help other people, but we got through the fog and I have a clearer idea of what I want to do, and where I am going.

The 12-month program was flexible and full of non-judgemental support and direction. Barbara provided me regular opportunities to talk, tackle difficult elements of my business, along with introducing me to a range of digital tools. Most importantly I am much more confident about my systems and the services I offer to clients, and my professional development. So yes, without hesitation I would definitely recommend having a chat with Barbara!


Director, Safe Business Systems NT

In a very short space of time, Barbara analysed my office space, my working habits and listened when I expressed the problem I was having and the help I was asking for.  Not only did the suggestions that Barbara made during her visit improve my working habits exponentially, but Barbara has continued to make really valuable suggestions that have all been focused on the productivity issues that I have been having.

To do that, it takes someone with incredibly good listening skills, excellent analytic skills, and some portion of human behaviour knowledge, and I haven’t even mentioned time management skills, or systems designed to enhance the flows and storage of information.  I tell people she’s changed my life, and I’m not joking.  It’s changed the way I feel about “doing” my business – I am now much better able to address myself to working on my business as well as working in my business.  I have not lost one piece of information since Barbara’s first visit!  And I feel much better about myself and the services I offer my clients – simply because I fee in control of the information, not it in control of me.

Thank you Barbara, best wishes, Valerie.


Frannellie Bookkeeping October 2014

I have been working with Barbara on a fairly regular basis for about two years. I sought help as I was not able to determine if my inability to achieve all I needed to at work was because the requirements of the role were too large or I did not have the required skills.  Not only has Barbara has helped me to improve my efficiency she has supported me to identify and articulate the significant requirements of role and what is needed to achieve them. Whilst Barbara provides many tools and practical solutions, she does not direct but rather guides you to determine what will best work for you and your situation. The process for dealing with emails almost changed my life….. well my work life anyway! Sessions with Barbara were flexible, and we have often had to abandon previous plans to deal with a particular issue or even postpone the sessions at times. Barbara has the incredible skill of conducting sessions in a very professional and objective way but with a personal approach which made all sessions productive, motivating and enjoyable. I highly recommend Barbara as a coach and thank her for the support and guidance over the last two years.

Thanks so much.


Professional Development

I am so grateful that I spoke to you, because the training was exactly what we needed. We have been working daily on our self-care and positive mental health and wellbeing both in and out of the workplace –this training has allowed us to strengthen what we already had in place whilst giving us new daily and as needed coping strategies to work on and practice.

The scientific side of the training, was hugely beneficial to us as it allowed us to understand what was happening to our stress levels/bodies during our very stressful period. We continue to be highly connected and impacted by grief and loss, however we now have strong strategies, boundaries and coping tools in place. Additionally, we have a clear understanding of why it is so important to continue to shift our mindset and behaviours, which only motivates us more to stay healthy and well in all aspects – from the food we eat, to moving our bodies and to making time for ourselves to continue to do the work we do.

Even the other day, I was in a terrible mood, my colleague shifted it by doing the laughing exercise!!  I have also completed the work booklet, with the different exercise sheets and will utilise the ones that resonate with me on an ongoing basis. I have put into practice the cancellation visualisation which helps me to walk away from potential frustrating/conflictual conversations that don’t need to happen (although having said that, it is still a work in practice lol).

All in all, a very practical and positive experience, completely relating to what we needed support with which is interconnected to not only our work practices but our personal lives as well.

Thank you – it was lovely meeting you and I enjoyed your presence also


Mental Health Association of Australia

I got value from the workshop because I’ve got things to implement – I got shared learning and practical ways to save me time.


Precision Loans

It was a practical workshop with very useable ideas. It gives me a better understanding for using outlook and sorting emails. It challenged my thinking of folders, how many to have and how to sort and organise.  I enjoyed the Time Management Style Quiz – nearly perfectly described my work habits. You are a great presenter, Barbara!  Very easy to listen to and provided a wealth of information.


Caboolture Early Years Center

Some justifiably call me a control freak, and as I believe in setting the benchmark and never having engaged Barbara before, naturally I was nervous. What a waste of stress, Barbara was a true professional, constantly discussing and refining what I wanted and how I wanted the subject matter delivered. The webinar was full of webinar newbies, including us. It was a tough gig with participants at first reluctant to join in. I can only describe Barbara’s webinar in two ways:

  1. Complete professionalism, brilliant delivery
  2. Complete success

I am happy to recommend Barbara to deliver webinars and workshops.


General Manager, Business Enterprise Centre NT

Very useful information to take away an apply.  It was great also to have time to share within the group at the workshop.


Key Business Network

It was a great introduction to Apps (for example Evernote) to optimise on digital organisation.   It was also interesting to reflect on personal styles and how they affect my style of organisation.  Barbara has considerable knowledge, passion for organisation and great practical tips.


November 2014

I fortunately did a time management workshop recently with Barbara Clifford.  Although already quite organised myself with reasonable time management tools, I was pleasantly surprised to walk away with quite a few new and different ideas to help me improve.

If these are areas of challenge, then I suspect you would walk away with heaps of great strategies, that you can implement straight away, to get back more time in your day.  I can thoroughly recommend this training workshop.


Stone Consulting


Peter Williams
Prime Wellness

Eileen Breen
Business Development Manager,
NTEX Civil Construction & Demolition

Mark Kilowatt
Senior Creative Director,
The Agency

Secondary School Teacher,

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