Building Stronger Connections for Customer Engagement

When it comes to creating better customer engagement, there are a few straightforward actions you can take to build strong relationships and improve communication with your customers.

Here are three valuable tips:

1. Create effective voicemail messages

We often are required to leave messages on voicemail when we can’t reach people. To ensure they call you back and to develop better customer engagement, leave a clear and concise message.

Slowly state your name and phone number, repeating it if necessary. Make sure to provide your number at the beginning of the message, as busy individuals may not listen to the entire message.

By enabling them to quickly access your contact details, you increase the likelihood of them returning your call.

2. Place your name at the end of greetings

Research shows that customers are more likely to maintain a relationship with a business when they consistently speak to the same person.

Even without face-to-face interaction, familiarity with a name creates a connection. Instead of beginning your phone greeting with your name, try saying, “Good afternoon, The Hinwood Institute. This is Barbara.”

By putting your name at the end, customers are more likely to remember it and feel a personal connection with you. Remember, people buy from people and the rapport they establish.

3. Utilise the power of using the customer’s name

One of the sweetest sounds to a customer’s ears is their own name. By using a customer’s name during interactions, you can significantly enhance engagement.

When engaging in professional development training or conversations, take note of their name and repeat it throughout the conversation. For instance, saying “Thanks, Denise” or “Lovely to hear your contribution, Denise” shows that you’re actively listening and valuing their input.

Personalising conversations by using their name creates a stronger connection and leads to positive feedback and outcomes.

Implementing these simple tips will have a profound impact on customer engagement.

Remember, the way you communicate over the phone can make a significant difference in your business’s overall success.

If you have additional valuable tips to share, I would love to hear them.

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About the Author

Barbara Clifford - The Time Tamer
Barbara Clifford (The Time Tamer) is a co-founder of The Hinwood Institute. She is the lead trainer and coach in Time Management. She is a recognized leader in Stress Management. An experienced coach, speaker, columnist and facilitator, Barbara’s work with The Hinwood Institute assists people to unclutter mess, make order from chaos, and swap the shackles of overwhelming for freedom. Barbara’s clients move from the relentless hamster wheel to waking inspired, motivated, making decisions with purpose and achieving peak performance. She lives in the desert of Alice Springs, Australia working with people around the country. Her professional experience has included contracts with small business, Not For Profits, Aboriginal Organisations, Media, Marketing, Aged Care, Universities, Health Services and Cruise Ships