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A Mindful Approach to Difficult Conversations

Do you avoid having difficult conversations? Unsure how to approach these conversations? Join us to explore how mindfulness can help.

About this event
What’s it all about?
We all have an inner voice that tells us when we need to have a difficult conversation with someone—a conversation that, if it took place, would improve the workplace for ourselves and for everyone else on our team. Many leaders find these conversations challenging and this avoidance can contribute to deterioration of culture, morale and performance.

Mindfulness is not a soft option, it is in fact one of the fastest-growing tools for resilience, effectiveness, wellbeing and leadership. In this workshop, leaders gain skills in using mindfulness to manage difficult thoughts and feelings that arise when facing a difficult conversation and to approach the conversation with openness and curiosity.

In this session we will explore:

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Integrating mindfulness at work and home
  • Using mindfulness to improve focus, concentration and decision making
  • Using mindfulness to unhook from unhelpful thinking
  • Practical application of mindfulness as a tool for engaging in challenging conversations



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