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Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict Resolution Skills

What’s it all about?

Conflict is a part of life and it can be healthy or unhealthy depending on how we approach it and manage it. Supervisors and managers report spending 20% of their time resolving conflict. This workshop gives participants the skills and confidence to deal with conflict even when it feels difficult saving them time and energy.

The workshop explores why it can helpful to get to the source of the problem that is causing the conflict, and why sometimes a resolution attempt is not appropriate. Participants explore a range of practical strategies for increasing their skills and confidence to cope with and manage conflict, as there is no guarantee that conflict will disappear entirely.


In this session we will explore:

  • Understanding conflict; types, causes and stages
  • When is conflict worth resolving?
  • Getting to the cause of the conflict
  • Conflict resolution strategies based on scenarios
  • Communication skills for conflict resolution
  • The role of the mediator


This training is ideal for:

  • Team leaders, supervisors or managers
  • Anyone who deals with challenging customers or clients
  • Anyone wishing to improve their communication skills
  • Those wishing to develop their coaching and mentoring skills.


For more information about this session, please contact CORP directly on (08) 8941 5661 or

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