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Emerging Leaders Series: Communication Skills for Managers

Emerging Leaders Series: Communication Skills for Managers

A new position as a leader is exciting and daunting at the same time. A new skill set and knowledge is required, as well as the ability to lead people. The Emerging Leaders Series introduces core knowledge to get people feeling skilled and confident in meeting the needs of their team, organisation and client group.

There are 4 workshops in the Emerging Leaders Series, and we encourage participants to participate in all workshops, but it is not essential. The workshops in this series can be completed in any order:

  1. Leadership Styles & Role Clarity
  2. Communication Skills for Managers
  3. Supporting Teams to be Effective
  4. Mentoring & Coaching

This registration is for one workshop only – Communication Skills for Managers.

In this session we will explore:

  • What constitutes good quality communication?
  • How the context of leadership shifts and changes communication
  • Listening skills for leaders
  • Speaking skills for leaders
  • Writing skills for leaders
  • Targeting different audiences
  • Engaging in challenging conversations

This training is ideal for:

  • Anyone new to a leadership or supervisory role
  • Leaders who want to improve their communication and leadership skills
  • Those leaders wanting to maintain professional communication with their team

For more information about this session, please contact CORP directly on (08) 8941 5661 or

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