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Emerging Leaders Series: Performance Management Skills

Emerging Leaders Series: Performance Management Skills

What’s it all about?

Three of the primary challenges that organisations face are:


  1. Keeping employees engaged,
  2. Retaining talent, and
  3. Developing leaders from within.


By focusing on the development of employees, and the alignment of organisation goals with team & individual goals, managers can create a working environment that enables both employees, and the organisational as a whole, to thrive!

In practice, performance management means that Leaders are consciously and consistently working towards developing their employees through:


  • Facilitating the establishment of clear goals,
  • Providing the appropriate support & mentorship to achieve those goals, and
  • Providing ongoing constructive effective feedback.


In this session we will explore:

  • Developing clear role definitions/expectations/goals,
  • Increasing employee engagement,
  • Developing leadership and coaching skills,
  • Boosting productivity through improved performance, and
  • Developing a performance program that incentivises accomplishment.


This training is ideal for:

  • Those who want to understand the principles of performance management
  • Anyone responsible for managing and leading a team
  • Anyone new to positions of supervision, management or leadership


For more information about this session, please contact CORP directly on (08) 8941 5661 or

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