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Time Management Skills

Feel like there’s not enough time in your work day? Overdue deadlines? Join us to learn how to make SMART goals and effectively prioritise.

About this event

What’s it all about?
Time Management is crucial to remaining effective in today’s fast paced work environment, where there is a growing need to do more with less. This workshop provides participants with the skills to gain greater control of the time they have, to enable them to plan for and achieve what they need to.

Participants gain skills in developing SMART goals, prioritising their work and dealing with time wasters.

In this session we will explore:

  • Getting started – participants gain understanding of their own preferences for managing work and how it helps or hinders their ability to manage time effectively
  • Using SMART goals and planning tools to get things done
  • Techniques to maximise productivity by managing the available time more efficiently
  • Managing common time wasters



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