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Understand & Respond to Burnout

Wanting to support staff that are experiencing burnout? Need help identifying the signs? Needing some support yourself? Join us.

About this event

What’s it all about?
Burnout is usually a consequence of a stressful work environment and can be triggered by exposure to multiple and continuing work stressors. While the stressors differ across work types, people who experience burnout are often in roles that are demanding and unrelentingly challenging. The likelihood of burnout may be increased by a lack of resources and/or support*.

Workshop participants gain understanding of burnout including its causes, signs and symptoms and protective factors both at an organisational and individual level.

*Ref: Black Dog Institute

In this session we will explore:

  • What is burnout?
  • Signs and symptoms of burnout
  • Protective factors for individuals and organisations
  • Resources and support



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