John and Judy Hinwood

In 1977, when John graduated in Toronto, he and his wife Judy, went to a seminar which was the largest gathering of chiropractors in the world.

Normally held in Dallas, the event was focused on practise management, the human side of practise, and caring for people, the sort of things they don’t teach you anywhere in medical school, dental school or contracting school..

The academia teaching did not teach the social side of practise; relationship building instead it would be all about gaining the knowledge. John attended this seminar because he recognised that if you don’t work on relationships and caring for people, you won’t have a successful practice, no matter how brilliant you are.


In Dallas, John found himself in the supply store with fantastic books, forms and all the things you need to practise. There he found a plastic sign, a typical design for the mid 70s, yellow plastic with mission, brown writing.

Written on it was “Expect A Miracle”.

He bought the sign and put it on his desk. He was immediately attracted to it.

John thought, “If people are coming to me and can have an expectation that, yes, they can receive miracle and get well, then that’s fantastic.”

He didn’t feel that it necessarily had to be anything he had done. He knew the mind played such a huge role in whether people were sick or were well. A shift in their mindset, would be an added bonus.


Expect a Miracle
EAM with a hand

Fast forward to 1987. John was doing a programme with Robert Kiyosaki who bought it in Australian programme called “Money and You”. Robert’s assistant, DC Cordova, who ran all the logistics was a Chilean woman. In 1985, Judy and John were too old by that time, to adopt children in Australia. So, they went to Chile to adopt three older children.

DC was very, very interested that they’ve adopted Chilean children as she was Chillian herself. She said to John, “You know, that’s wonderful.” And she just put a hand in her purse and gave John a little card that simply said, “Expect a Miracle”.


He asked her “Where did you get those?”

She said “I’ve been handing those out now for about 10 years and I was living a whole Honolulu and I used to attend the Unity Church. There you could buy them in packs of 25.”

John immediately asked her if the cards were copyrighted and she said “No, not at all.” She said she just had them to help people.

So John had some printed and then he would hand them out to his patients.

John estimated that he handed out 100,000 cards in his lifetime.

He believed that amazing things can happen in people’s lives, because often people don’t see miracles.


However, people are often not open to miracles coming their way. It’s something that they don’t visualise or they believe they’re not worthy and that miracles are only for the ‘goody-two- shoes’. They may question why would anyone want me to have a miracle.

It was John’s dear, friend and mentor, Charlie Tremendous Jones who said, “These incredible stories that have come your way as a result of these cards, you need to write a book!”

John was inspired by Charlie’s adage in life “The only thing that makes you different today, than you are tomorrow, is the people you meet and the books you read.”

John said, “Often people miss miracles. They don’t even see them happen. If we don’t often see things in life as a miracle, then when bigger ones come, we’re not even expecting them, and people shut down.” 

Put it out there. Expect a Miracle. It’s amazing what will come to you. Go to it.

Expect a Miracle Front Cover (v.012024)

Following the success of his earlier book, You can EXPECT A MIRACLE… The Book to Change Your Life,  John has once again tapped amazing stories that will touch your heart, bring a tear to your eye, make you laugh and show you that anything is possible if you have a belief that you are worthy of receiving miracles in your life.

The storytellers come from many backgrounds and they share amazing life change experiences for themselves and for others.  There are stories of families, work experiences, sporting achievements, travel and lessons in life.



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Expect a Miracle: Insights Into Life


Expect a Miracle: The Book to Change Your Life


Stress to Strength: Mind Tools to Calm, Connect and Create


Expect a Miracle: 13 Keys to Becoming A Miracle Magnet


Expect a Miracle: 201 Miracle Messages From A to Z

EAM_Unexpected Miracles

Expect a Miracle: Unexpected Miracles


Expect a Miracle: The Book to Change Your Life

Print Your Own Expect a Miracle Card

Expect a Miracle Card

You can go to your local printer and have them print your cards for you. All you need do is email them the PDF page set out ready for your printer to use.

Using these little cards can change YOUR life and the lives of many people you come in contact with during your daily interactions in life.

The cards print well on 350gsm card stock coated on the side and matt on the blank side. The font used on these cards is no longer available from printers so have them copy this card. The best colour is reflex blue.

Make sure you leave the back of the card blank. By having on the word Expect A Miracle on the card gives it awesome power.

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Dr John Hinwood has for over 35 years been an inspirational speaker, coach, mentor and author who has helped people worldwide and in all walks of life, find their own miracles. John’s experience as a health professional by training, successful businessman by effort and an inspirational by nature has given him an awesome array of practical tools for success.  Get to know Dr John today: no appointment needed.

As a bestselling author and inspirational speaker, Dr John Hinwood as crafted another collection of joyful stories.

This volume is full of messages of courage, attitudinal shifts, freedom, hope and love.  John speaks of health and healing, grace and inspiration from his own life experiences.  He shares the stories from his many friends, around the corner and on the other side of the world.

Dr. John Hinwood