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Have you got your sh!t together? Take the quiz

Answer 11 questions and you’ll be scored against how well you have your shit together.

This quiz has been designed to get clear on how productive you are, whether you’re in control of your day or whether you’re heading for disaster.

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How it works

Answer 11 simple multiple-choice questions to see how productive you are.

We’ll look at how well you manage your time, if you’re in control of your working day and if you are aware of any areas you need to improve.

Basically, are you in the sh!t, or like the dung beetle in the picture, have you got your sh!t together.

Have you got your shit togehter.

It’s free and only takes 5 minutes

Discover if you really do have your sh!t together.

About us

The Hinwood Institute is the #1 resource to help people to unclutter mess, make order from chaos and swap the shackles of overwhelm for freedom.
Clients using our training, tools, and coaching services move from the relentless hamster wheel of stress, to waking inspired, motivated, making decisions with purpose and achieving peak performance.
We assist business leaders to move from:

  • Stress to Strength;

  • Shit to Shine,

  • Chaos to Calm;

by developing skills in Emotional Resilience, Time Management, Leadership, Executive Wellbeing & Performance.

We assist busy business leaders, to make courageous decisions, in pressure situations for the long term benefit of their business, team and wellbeing.


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