There are 11 multi-choice answers to each question, choose the one that best matches you.

Once you’ve completed the test, a score will appear. You can assess your score results below.

Thank you for taking this productivity assessment.

Which score range does your score fall within? Review this section to determine what are your best next steps based on this assessment. 

0 - 25 Clear of Shit

You’re Clear of Shit.

Wow! Look who’s got their shit together!

What items did you select that weren’t so positive? Were there any?

The key to continued success is not to become complacent. There are always areas for improvement. As you know, things can easily turn to shit when you’re not paying attention.

What are your big hairy, audacious goals? Do you have a vision for the future?

Remember one thing is inevitable for all of us and that’s change. If you rest on your success, without pushing yourself into new territory, you’ll end up being that dinosaur in the corner.

Everyone needs a challenge in order to grow. Have you considered what yours are and where they lay?

In your complimentary Strategy session, you’ll be challenged about where you see yourself going and what plans you have to get there. You’ll come away with a road map for sustainable growth.

26 - 55 Standing in Shit

You’re standing in shit!

You’re starting to get your shit together.

Well done. Your productivity is good and a few tweaks here and there could make all the difference to your success.

There are probably some areas you feel like you’re on top of but could actually benefit from a tune up that will really take you from Shit to Shine.

Think about some of the problems areas you highlighted. You could probably improve in these areas if you just invested a little effort or time, but will you? Are you lacking in some clarity or motivation?

Seems like you could be so much better and more successful if you improved structures and process.

Or like some achievers, you may be compromised by procrastination.

Book your complimentary Strategy session where we’ll take a real deep dive and you’ll come away with a road map of the strategies you can take to push yourself forward

56 - 80 Knee Deep in Shit

You’re knee deep in shit.

You’re probably showing signs of stress, even if you don’t realise it.

Experience shows, that people at this level are best served by firstly implementing some stress management strategies, then look at key areas of concern, and take a step back to get proper perspective. It could be as simple as brushing up on a few things you’ve let slide.

Perhaps you’re starting to make some mistakes, lose things or forget things. You might feel like things are starting to slip out of control.

We recommend time management coaching as the first step out of the shit. This coaching provides personalised training, tools, and accountability.

If you’re not ready for that level of commitment, start to brush up your skills with some Online Training.

81 - 100 You're in Deep Shit

You’re in Deep Shit.

That is, you’re probably feeling bogged down and overwhelmed.

I want you to know, you’re not alone. 

You might be at the stage of feeling hopeless or chucking it all in. You might also be feeling exhausted and like you’re drowning.

Some areas of your life are probably starting to strain. Is it work, home, financial or health?

Do you find yourself getting into arguments, offloading on people around you, or getting emotional? Some regular Stress Management Coaching will help pull you out of the dark and get you on track.

We like to say it will take you from

  • Shit to Shine
  • Chaos to Calm
  • Stress to Strength.

In fact, our signature stress management solution, the Stress To Strength ™ coaching system, equips you with tools to alleviate stress storms. Short and effective weekly coaching sessions will step by step, move you from shit to shine. This is done at a time convenient to you over the phone or via zoom. So, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

But first things first. We highly recommend you book in a Stress Management Strategy session. This session is completely FREE. One of our specialised coaches will do a deep dive to provide you with a road map to manage your stress and some simple tools you can adopt for immediate change.

Be kind to yourself. 

Take time for yourself.

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