Stress to Strength

The Stress to Strength model of coaching was originally devised by Dr John & Judy Hinwood as the signature product for the Stress Management Institute.

It included:

    • Certified stress management and emotional resilience training
    • Educating and support for those delivering coaching services (HR Managers, Holistic Care Practitioners etc)
    • 2hr – 2 day workshops
    • Workplace Training

The work is now carried on by The Hinwood Institute and has become a signature component of the Resilient Leader Program.

The Stress to Strength model is a signature component of the Resilient Leader Program.

You will be delighted with the simplicity of the Stress to Strength techniques  and how rapidly they change your situation.

Your business, relationships, and life will be much calmer, more rewarding and more productive. The integration of daily work and responsibilities and your personal life will be enhanced by the Stress to Strength coaching. Participants are frequently surprised and gratified at the immediate and profound difference in their world as they become emotionally tougher, more emotionally resilient and agile.

Our audiences come from the business and corporate sector, education, health care, not for profits, and individuals from all walks of life.

With the Stress to Strength system, you can find help. In just minutes per day, learn how to change the way you can overcome stressful situations simple, sustainable self-care techniques.
What we do works for the long term. There is no need to dig through your past trauma, and you can access immediate strategies and discover guaranteed results.

Complicated problems sometimes do not require complicated solutions. With our decades of experience, the answers can be simple and effective.

Dr. Judy Hinwood is our lead coach with the Stress to Strength system and specialised in Stress Management, Emotional Resilience and Meditation.

Helping people deal with the rigors of modern life, at home and at work is Dr. Judy Hinwood’s mission. Her vision is a world where people and families are free of the ravages of stress, regardless of whether the source is; health issues, financial issues, relationship challenges, or any one of the myriad sources of stress in our lives.
She is a global leader in stress management. In her years owning and operating chiropractic practices, she corrected the impact of physical and emotional injuries on people daily. Now she dedicates her time to teaching natural stress management techniques that really work. Her focus is equipping people to both prevent and manage stress.

As a cancer survivor of over 30 years, parent of three adopted older children from Chile, and a health professional by training, Judy has a broad range of life experiences that allow her to authentically connect with deep understanding with a wide cross section of people. Equally at home in a boardroom, a clinic, a classroom, or one-on-one in a deeply intimate coaching session, Judy has a phenomenal array of skills and tools to help you.
She is insightful and clinically thorough. As well as being a Doctor of Chiropractic, Judy is a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, an Association Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand, and a Member of the Australasian College of Chiropractors.

Along with her late husband Dr. John Hinwood, Judy co-founded the Stress Management Institute and the Emotional Resilience Institute, and received humanitarian awards in Australia and the United States, as well as many other distinguished awards. They published papers in academic journals and are also prolific authors having published seven sought after books for health care practitioners, and eight books on mind-set, with four of these books having been on the Amazon “Best Sellers” list.

Speaker Testimonials

I was moved to take immediate action to become happier and healthier

“John and Judy Hinwood with great expertise and finesse led us on an adventure through our own stress experience and out into a realistic optimistic and accepting state. Through a set of eloquent tools and strategies and with great compassion, understanding and respect for every member of the group, Judy, John and their support team guided us in learning how to dissolve the stress and move to completely different states where we were solid, free of the weight from the past, appreciative of what we actually had and open to new things happening in our lives. The title ‘Stress to Strength Experience’ really fits what is was like to be on this workshop! And the ending- WOW, that is worth the wait! I can’t STRESS this enough-do yourself a favour- Attend this workshop.”


Clinical Psychologist, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Stress is Good – When it is Managed!

“Drs John and Judy Hinwood are well-placed to provide primary intervention in stress management to reduce the demand for expensive tertiary ‘repair’ by providing highly-crafted learning at the primary and secondary stages. The underlying concept is that when a person is provided with tools to understand and manage the stressors in their environment, then not only will their health and productivity increase, but it will be followed by significant reduction in the need for repair services. It is fair to conclude I am impressed. After experiencing the weekend training, I would have no hesitation, were I still active in chiropractic practice as opposed to now being retired, to follow this pathway and add a huge amount of richness to my skills base”


Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia

Amazing Techniques For Stress Reduction…

“The Stress to Strength program not only offers amazing techniques for stress reduction, but more than that, John and Judy Hinwood guide students through a simple, focused and highly effective experiential adventure to expand how we live, how we laugh, and how we can add value in our world.”

Vikki Kelly

Auckland, New Zealand

“This program has made a huge impact on me already.  The tools will help me when I fall back into some old patterns.

My stress levels plummeted and I emerged after the two days happier and more centred than I have in years.”


Environmental Engineer, Brisbane, Australia

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