Simply Answer Yes/No if you have experienced certain life events in the last two years.

Once you’ve completed the test, a score will appear. You can assess your score results below.

Thank you for taking the Stress Test

Stress that continues without relief can lead to physical symptoms including headaches, stomach problems, chest pains, high blood pressure and sleeping problems. Research shows that it can make certain symptoms or diseases worse.

Score Metrics

0 – 150 Low

151 – 299 Moderate

300+ High

These scores indicate, the likelihood of you suffering stress induced illness.
If you have a moderate to high result, then it’s time to make some different choices in order to minimise or prevent illness occurring.

Emotional Rollercoaster
0 - 50 Low

Congratulations – you have a low score.

Well done. You have a low to moderate chance of a stress related illness in the near future.

You can breathe easy knowing that you’re doing okay.

In case stressful events do occur in your life, be sure to have tools and strategies to manage yourself through these experiences.

It’s important to recognise that appropriate levels of the right stressors, provides significant opportunity for growth and development.

A strategy session will help you identify how you can strike the ideal balance between good stress and bad stress.

151 - 299 Medium

Your Score is Moderate

Even if you feel you are managing well, you’re not out of the woods yet.

Your body has a hardwired stress response designed to protect you.  Your exposure to stress related events over the last two years, has overloaded the system.  Which means you have a moderate to high chance of a stress related illness in the near future. This is regardless of how competently you navigate pressure and stress.

Now is a good time to learn simple tools and strategies that will prevent your stress levels sneakily increasing without you registering it.

In your Strategy session, we will identify areas that could increase your risk and provide basic tools to protect yourself.

300+ High

Your score is too high.

You have a high or very high risk of a stress related illness in the near future.

A lot has happened in the last two years and perhaps you’re in survival mode.  Maybe you haven’t stopped to really check in how you’re feeling. This is perfectly normal.  In fact, it could be that this level of stress has become your new normal.

It’s in your interest to learn what the signs and symptoms of stress look like, right now.

In your Strategy session, you’ll learn some simple tools that will immediately assist you and help reduce the stress response in your body.

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