Stress to Strength Challenge

Discover & Execute the  No.1 strategy that the most successful leaders are using to master their emotions and excel in business, life and health.

Are you in a leadership position but some days the stress and overwhelm that you experience makes you feel like anything but a leader?

I would focus on all the are your’s and do you have’s and try and make the connected to leadership or just go over the content one more time to ensure that every leader feels like you are speaking to them.

In seven days, you will come away with 7 simple tools you can easily implement, to break the cycle of stress and take control of your life and work/business.


Are you a leader who is:

  • Losing your temper over small things?
  • Forgetting important details?
  • Making costly mistakes?
  • Getting angry at people you care about? (at home or in your team)
  • Feeling thwarted & frustrated?
  • Feeling like the world is against you?
  • Wanting to give up and hide because everyone want’s a piece of you?
  • Feeling incapable and/or overloaded and/overwhelmed?
  • Missing out on family time and events?
stress to strength challenge - overwhelmed man

Do you have:

Tight muscles or tightness in the chest?

Rapid breathing?

Not enough time to do everything?

Not enough time to process things?

Would you like to be a leader who:

  • Has greater focus to get work done.
  • Improve mental & physical stamina
  • Manage conflict better
  • Use your stress to smash out goals, going from smashed to smashing it.
  • Have a good night’s sleep.
  • Knock off more things on your to-do list.
  • Have better relationships at home and at work.
  • Present more professionally.
  • How much do you spend on stress management relief each week, each month? Massages, alcohol, cruises, retreats?
  • But at the end of the day, you still have to come back to your stress, right?
  • People are depending on you. You lead people at work and at home and you don’t want to let them down.
  • What if you could transform your stress into a source of strength? What if you could go from smashed to smashing it?
  • What if you could save money on all the stress ‘pain relief’ you’re investing in and find simple FREE strategies that can reduce the stress in the first place?

This is ideal for those leaders who are feeling:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Overworked; and
  • Over this (Emotional Rollercoaster).

For those that wish to:

✔ switch their stress on or off when they need it
✔ want to be the best version of themselves with others; and solution orientated.


Day 1: The Neuroscience of Stress

Discover the science behind stress and how simply changing the way you think about stress can change the way your body responds to stress.

Day 2: Done is Better Than Perfect

Those that try to be everything to everyone quickly and easily burnout.
In this lesson you'lll discover some simple yet effective mindfulness techniques to re-focus and re-prioritise all things. Plus identify what approach needs to be taken.

Day 3: Setting Boundaries

When there are no boundaries, there are no limitations. When there are no limitations our energy is easily consumed.
In this lesson you'll discover some simple ways to set boundaries that enable you to protect and regulate your energy and concentration.

Day 4: Words are Real Forces

All species are hardwired to look for threat. The human species (and it's brain) is complex. Sometimes it is hard to shift our focus from problems to focus on opportunities.

Day 5: How to stop unhealthy thinking

It's the 'stinking thinking' that can sometimes stop us or cause us to spiral. Sometimes we just need some simple mind tools, to apply in the moment that get us moving forward. Psychologist often talks about 're-framing' a great way to go from being 'smashed' to smashing it!

Day 6: Gratitude/Expect a Miracle

In this lesson you will hear the inspiring and remarkable story of Robert Desnos and how he not only survived a concentration camp himself, but saved others too, simply with the power of a miracle mindset.
Bonus: If you share your own miracle stories, you'll get a free copy of Dr John Hinwood's "Expect a Miracle" Book.

Day 7: Serenity

Where does the serenity come from? In this lesson you will discover a simple but highly effective tool that has been tried and tested by Alcoholics Anonymous. This will empower you to focus on control over your stress so you can use it to your advantage.


Barbara is affectionally known as The Time Tamer.

Barbara Clifford is our lead trainer and coach in Time Management and a recognised leader in Stress Management.

Barbara’s work with The Hinwood Institute assists people to un-clutter mess, make order from chaos and swap the shackles of overwhelm for freedom.

Barbara’s clients move from the relentless hamster wheel to waking inspired, motivated, making decisions with purpose and achieving peak performance.

Barbara Clifford - The Time Tamer