The Strength of an Individual, the Boldness of a Selected Few

A Mother’s Initiative

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the strength to move an entire crowd of 78,000 people?

To inspire them to be their authentic selves, even if it meant stepping into discomfort? Such a feat demands not only shedding fear but also judgment.

Recently, I stumbled upon a heartwarming story shared by a mother on Facebook. She aimed to impart a valuable lesson to her children, emphasizing that even the smallest actions can yield significant results. She wanted to teach them the strength of persistence and the power of dreaming big.

This mother found herself at an Ed Sheeran concert with her two young daughters, their very first live music experience. Picture the excitement, the electric atmosphere, and the anticipation that hung in the air. The girls were familiar with the concept of a Mexican wave but had never actually witnessed one, let alone initiated it.

concert strength

Turning to her daughters, she said, “Let’s start a wave!”

Their expressions were a mix of disbelief and uncertainty. Undeterred, the mother stood up and had the strength of a spirited whistle to get the attention of her section. “On the count of 3, 2, 1…” The wave didn’t travel far initially, but she refused to give up.

She remained on her feet, whistling across to the neighbouring section, exclaiming, “Hey, catch this!” She then swiftly turned back to her section, rallying their support once more. “Ready? 3, 2, 1…”

Sense of Ownership and Strength

Gradually, something magical happened.

The wave began to strengthen, and by the fourth attempt, it had spread like wildfire.

The wave extended its reach across the entire stadium, sweeping up and down the tiers and through the standing crowd, all the way back to where they started. And it didn’t stop there; it went on and on.

At that moment, this mother knew that everyone in her section felt a sense of ownership over the strength of the wave. She later wrote on Facebook, “They were all superstars in that moment.”

sense of ownership

Empowering Moments of Strength That Last

She had a profound realization. Her girls might not remember Ed Sheeran’s performance as much as they would remember this tangible example of the power of one person’s initiative and the courage of a few to follow.

In my work with clients, I often encounter individuals who are burdened by stress caused by unfulfilled goals. They find themselves in a state of inertia, lamenting, “It’s been 12 months, and I haven’t even begun.” Goals can stall for various reasons:

1. Distraction.

Sometimes, we get sidetracked by pursuits that seem more valuable at the time.

2. Misalignment.

Goals may not align with our true values, often reflecting others’ expectations rather than our own.

3. Overwhelm.

Monumental goals can feel overwhelming, leaving us unsure of where to begin.

strength in customer engagement - the way you communicate

The Impact of an Individual’s Initiative

This remarkable mother, undaunted by the daunting task of starting a wave in a massive stadium, was determined to be a positive role model for her daughters. She embodied the essence of taking that first step, inspiring those around her, and creating a ripple effect of courage and unity.

What’s your thoughts on this? If you have a heartwarming story to tell, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below.

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